New, improved, expanded.

You wanted more and we heard you! We at BookIt have been working hard to bring you new specially crafted improvements. We’re excited to announce a new-look system with a huge range of features tailored for you to seamlessly manage your property moving forward.

Manage your property's bookings with ease

Our new upgrade of the BookIt system is designed for you to manage your property's bookings with ease. An upgraded, re-designed console with myriad new features allows you to manage reservations, rates, availability, channel links, and more from one centralised location.

The booking engine currently powering your website and the platform behind it will soon be upgraded automatically, without the need for you to change anything yourself. These upgrades will unlock a plethora of feature-rich functionality to further streamline your day-to-day operations.

Fully integrated channel manager

A channel manager manages the online distribution process for you - input the data in one location and it will push it out to hundreds, and potentially thousands, of OTAs for you. We’ve partnered with ResOnline, streamlining your distribution and automating your rate and availability updates for each individual OTA (Online Travel Agents - such as, Expedia, etc). No more updating each channel manually!

Payment gateway options

Incorporating secure connections to leading online merchants, our new system allows for an easy to use booking experience for your guests and simplified payments for you. Bookings will no longer need to have passed before payment is received – you can now receive your payment confirmation instantly, the moment a booking is made.


Do you offer a range of products for your guests? Our system now supports a robust booking cart, meaning your guests can book multiple room types or activities in the one transaction.

Customised Letters and SMS functionality

Create your own custom letters and SMS notifications to personalise your guest’s experience. BookIt includes the option to send individualised letters, itineraries, tax invoices, and SMS messages depending on the product or booking status and allows for these letters to be easily printed with the click of a button.

Booking questions, extras, and upsells

Save time and ask your guest the important questions while they book. The option to include customised questions during the booking process allows you to simplify the process as well as upsell extras for increased revenue. Questions can be anything from champagne on arrival to driver’s license numbers for parking. Choose whether questions are compulsory, multiple or single choice, free text, or simply an alert.

Centralised system

Our system now offers one central location to administer the end-to-end management of all your property's rates, availability and reservations from distribution to check-out. In one place, manage all of the above and much more!

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