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As a tourism operator, you are the most integral piece of the puzzle for the industry. Without quality tourism products to book, our clients and resellers wouldn’t be able to provide savvy travelers with the expert knowledge, local insight and unrivalled access to real-time bookings.

BookIt is New Zealand’s leading bookable tourism databse and provides the ‘behind the scenes’ software that powers the booking functionality for i-SITEs, booking centres, destination websites, travel apps and specialised tourism services around New Zealand. In addition to connecting your products with booking services around New Zealand who are actively making bookings, we can connect you to major Online Travel Agents (OTAs) across the globe.

Our clients make real-time bookings for accommodation, tours, attractions and even events with BookIt. Through BookIt, your product can be connected to access thousands of travellers who visit physical visitor information centres, much like a travel agent, all through one system.

BookIt’s software seamlessly integrates into websites to provide visitors with the same booking ability, online; directly from the comfort of their home, office or mobile – anywhere, anytime. We provide a connectivity solution with one connection, creating the opportunity to distribute and sell your product through a plethora of booking centres and multiple digital channels throughout New Zealand and around the world instantaneously. BookIt can work alongside any direct relationships you have with a visitor or booking centres, to sell your property or tour and increase bookings.

Review the options below and reach out to our team to easily connect your product


BookIt Connect

Best for Tourism Operators looking to maximise distribution and build their network.

Whether you have an existing system in  place or use paper and a pen, connect your business to a real-time listing to the BookIt Network easily and efficently.

Gain exposure to New Zealand’s leading Tourism distribution platform. BookIt Connect covers channels such as the i-SITE visitor centre network, selected destination websites, established resellers and mobile apps.

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BookIt Direct

Best for Tourism Operators looking to take direct bookings on their website and maximise distribution.

If you want to capitalise on increased distribution and take bookings directly through your website, then BookIt Direct is the perfect low cost ongoing solution.

We’ll help you implement a smart out of the box, mobile friendly, fully responsive booking engine to capture direct website bookings and we’ll also connect you to the BookIt Network to ensure you have some of the best distribution throughout New Zealand.

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BookIt Advanced

Best for Tourism Operators looking to take it to the next level and establish themselves in the digital world or upgrade their current systems. 

Everything you need to run your business – channel management, day to day booking management, agent functionality, reporting and more.

You’ll be sure to advance your tourism business. When you combine this comprehensive system with a smart out of the box booking engine and a connection to the BookIt Network. Simplify areas of your business, increase booking potential and distribute your product through our entire network.

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Operator Booking Engine

Ready to take online bookings? We provide an online booking solution that allows you to have a seamless booking engine on your own website.

Our online booking engines for operators are responsive in design for mobile and tablets, creating a user-friendly experience.

Integrate your specific booking questions, customise your page headers, set-up custom rate types and provide secure payment transactions.

Hosted Booking Engine

If it’s time you introduced online bookings but your budget isn’t quite just there yet for a fully integrated system, we can provide an easy to use hosted booking site solution for you.

Our experts can design, develop and host a fully responsive hosted booking site. A visitor to your website would click a ‘Book Now’ call to action button, which would open your hosted booking site in a new browser. The hosted site would be designed and styled to compliment your existing website, housing the end-to-end booking process, to ensure an intuitive experience for the website visitor.


NZ's leading distribution platform

Helping thousands of Kiwi tourism operators deliver their business to the World through multiple channels and established resellers.

No setup fee

Zero cost to join and comprehensive training and support provided. We take a hands on approach to getting you connected.


Do you offer a range of products for your guests? Our system supports a robust booking cart, meaning your guests can book multiple room types or activities all in one transaction.

Customised fee structure

BookIt’s percentage “success-based” model means you only pay when you get bookings. Our introduced flexible booking fee options such as a flat monthly fee option to help operators of scale manage their outgoing better.

Mobile friendly

Over half of all Kiwi mobile users have a smartphone or tablet device, so being bookable on more than a desktop PC is vital. BookIt is mobile-friendly, and even allows you to take bookings through your business Facebook page!

Payment gateway options

Incorporating secure connections to leading online merchants, our system allows for an easy to use booking experience for your guests and simplified payments for you.  Receive your payment confirmation instantly, the moment a booking is made.

Fully integrated channel manager

We’ve partnered with ResOnline, to streamline your online distribution process. ResOnline allows you to push your real-time rates and availability to your connected OTA listings and removes manual entry with our complete real-time automation.

Centralised system

Our system offers one central location to administer the end-to-end management of all your property’s rates, availability and reservations from distribution to check-out.



Customised letters and SMS functionality

Create your own custom letters and SMS notifications to personalise your guest’s experience. BookIt includes the option to send individualised letters, itineraries, tax invoices, and SMS messages depending on the product or booking status.

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