At BookIt’s core, we have always been focused on facilitating a seamless experience for travellers to book tourism products. While our humble beginnings were in a traditional visitor information centre, it was not long before savvy entrepreneurs came to see that BookIt could offer a fresh, innovative tourism booking experience.

BookIt’s core functionality as a central reservations system is currently used by a variety of organisations offering specialised booking services for tourism products. This includes the likes of property managers and specialised booking services offering both online and offline bookings within tourism markets including recreational travel, medical tourism and event travel.

BookIt’s adaptable solution allows for any organisation interested in providing a booking experience for tourism product to do so without the need to reinvent the wheel, tap into our unique existing tourism product offerings and work with an Australian owned and operated business.


Central Reservation Systems

BookIt offers a Central Reservations System that is highly flexible and user friendly. Manage the full booking process whilst using enriched functionality to determine booking and payment configuration.

Commissions Management Platform

A unique commissions platform gives you greater control with options to set commissions as percentages, set dollar values, per operator and even per source all giving you greater control over your relationship with operators.

Market-leading product supply

BookIt has an existing database of over 45,000 tourism operators. Our hands-on onboarding approach will mean we can work with you to identify and fill product gaps for you specifically.


BookIt offers dynamic packaging functionality for you to create unique bookable packages, available for both face to face and online distribution.

Advanced Promotional & Marketing Tools

Robust and dynamic promotional discounting, integrated campaign functionality to encourage bookings alongside traditional marketing and collaborate with your operators on specials and deals for promotion through your website.

API Integration Options

Fully integrated API for seamless financial management into Quickbooks, Xero & MYOB. Our experienced development team can work with your organisation on custom API integrations to ensure maximum efficiency.

Financial Administration

Set your own commission levels, cancellation, refund and booking fee policies. Manage and report on all payments through BookIt, including refunds via an online gateway provider or traditional offline methods, including cash and eftpos.

Comprehensive Reporting

A range of standard reports are readily available in addition to our integrated custom Report Builder, which enables an organisation to tailor reports to their specific needs.

Full Service Product Suite

Through our specialised suite of operator software solutions, BookIt is able to offer a complete end-to-end solution for specialised tourism services looking to manage and sell their own accommodation, tours or activities.

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