Customised fee structure

BookIt has available a percentage “success-based” model you only pay when you get bookings. Bookit has also introduced flexible booking fee options such as a flat monthly fee option to help operators of scale manage there outgoing better. We have also recently introduced our new ‘bookit upgrades’ which includes a channel manager services, SMS and a lot more! All this for a low flat monthly fee.

Mobile friendly

Over half of all Kiwi mobile users have a smartphone or tablet device, so being bookable on more than a desktop PC is vital. BookIt is mobile-friendly, and even allows you to take bookings through your business Facebook page!


Advanced e-commerce tools

Specials and Discount Codes

BookIt gives you full control over your pricing. Whether you want to have the same price all year round, or a different price every day, we can make it happen. You can also use our discount codes feature to offer trackable discounts and offers to defined groups.

Get More Newsletter Subscribers

You can choose to gather email addresses for the purposes of post-booking email marketing and promotions and BookIt makes it easy by enabling a permissions check box for the traveller to authorise you to send them offers and follow-up communications.

Add-Ons and Cross-Sell

With over 3,500 NZ tourism operators on board, BookIt provides a unique opportunity to offer other products to your customers in the booking process and earn commission on successful bookings. Or use our “add-on” feature to upsell your own products.