7 ways to enhance your region with BookIt

  1. Industry development – Enhance and enable your local operators to operate confidently in the digital space
  2. Ancillary Revenue – Reduce funding requirements and increase reinvestment in your local region
  3. Digital Education – Knowledge to industry via interactive webinars, extensive support and comprehensive training to maximize digital footprint
  4. Support Local – Keep the money local and reduce commissions paid to larger overseas based Online Travel Agents (OTAs)
  5. Increased Operator Revenue – Control the commission levels charged to operators. Provide a direct booking solution via their own website
  6. Data, Trends & Insight – Gain access to unrivaled conversion stats, industry trends and ROI reporting
  7. True Collaboration – BookIt integrates with 30+ global channel partners for live and instant bookings


Are you looking to further support and enhance your region’s tourism businesses? How about running almost everything through just one platform to provide complete solution? 

By becoming a BookIt Partner, we give you front row access to all the tech you could need to run your destination. Not only can we provide you a centralised booking  solution with extensive functionality to generate a secondary revenue stream, we can also assist you with engaging your local tourism industry, help manage your operators better and enhance your marketing prowess.

Want to implement a system in your physical shop or Visitor Centre? Our system is actually designed with face to face transactions in mind, not just online bookings. All your accommodation, activities and tickets in one place, at your fingertips – How good is that?!

Looking for additional functionality?  We have many, many solutions to help you run your destination. Retail POS, Packages, Promos, Bookable Itinerary Planners, Channel Management? If you’ve thought of it – we most likely have too and made it a reality through the same system!



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One system to run everything

At its core, BookIt provides a complete end-to-end reservation management system via a market leading bookable tourism database.

This customisable database allows any accommodation or activity provider to sell their inventory through

Market-leading product supply

BookIt will work to onboard your Destination’s operators to ensure both quality and quantity of bookable products. 

Real-time and on-request product options that operators will self-manage or connect their existing booking system with BookIt.

Central Reservation System

Designed with the busy Destination in mind, BookIt is user-friendly, responsive and allows end-to-end management of bookings, whilst maintaining the relationship with the visitor & operator.

Support for marketing campaigns

Integrated marketing functionality to facilitate promotions, campaigns and packages allowing Destinations to showcase their offerings in the most user-friendly and dynamic way possible.


BookIt connects with all leading
booking and channel management
systems giving your team access to
real-time rates and availability with the existing operators in your region

BookIt also has an existing database of thousands of operators.

Online Booking Engine

BookIt’s instantly implementable and mobile responsive, online booking engine can provide an integrated visitor booking experience.

For a slicker solution, you can customise with our gadgets or custom build to API to fully integrate with your brand.


Brand and customise your communications to personalise your guest’s experience. 

BookIt includes the option to send individualised letters, itineraries, tax invoices, and SMS messages depending on the product or booking status all with your branding.

Comprehensive Onboarding

BookIt provides a full comprehensive install for your organisation, tried and tested across the country.

We also have a deep commitment to educating and developing the broader tourism industry to support your region.

Financial Administration

Superior financial administration, automation and integration.  Compatibility with leading financial systems, secure transfers, comprehensive help guides and customisable  reporting.

Our system is fully PCI DSS 3.2 compliant.

A no stress system

Our Cloud based, user friendly dashboard is easy to navigate through the various areas of the system. Whether it’s booking a customer, running a report, paying an  operator, or updating a operator listing – it’s all at your fingertips.

Paperless office?  BookIt is practically fully automated; taking care of confirmations, payments, and account settlements to the operator all electronically.

24/7 Access, from anywhere

Being Cloudbased you can work from wherever you want, when ever you want ensuring that at any stage you have full control over your assets.

Our comprehensive and fully customisable reporting platform provides up-to-date reporting, 24/7 and includes reports from sales and arrivals, to country of origin and customer feedback.

Retail Point of Sale

BookIt offers an integrated retail point of sale solution for your organisation, providing further avenues for revenue and supporting local businesses.

BookIt retail items at the same time as you sell tickets, tours or accommodation.

Integration Options

affiliate booking engine
Online Booking Engine

As part of BookIt’s Partner model, we offer an instantly implementable Online Booking Engine. It’s an out-of-the-box solution, providing you with a fresh, innovative booking experience for your website visitors without any of the ‘heavy lifting’ for your business. 

The Online Booking Engine comes fully configured by BookIt to compliment your branding and provides a simple booking experience for both your organisation’s staff and website visitors with full transparency over bookings. All that’s required on your existing site is a button or menu to link to the Booking Engine or take it that next step and integrate the rates and availability calendar into your operator details pages and link to the Booking Engine for booking and payment details.

Hosted Booking Engine

If it’s time you introduced online bookings but your budget isn’t quite just there yet for a fully integrated system, we can provide an easy to use hosted booking site solution for you.

Our experts can design, develop and host a fully responsive hosted booking site. A visitor to your website would click a ‘Book Now’ button, opening your hosted booking site in a new browser. Our hosted sites are designed and styled to compliment your existing website, housing the end-to-end booking process and ensuring an intuitive experience for the website visitor.

fully integrated gadgets
Fully integrated gadgets

As part of Bookit’s end to end solution, we offer an advanced and responsive online booking solution. Our gadgets create a fully integrated visitor experience, with the entire booking process housed within your website.

Our solution is slick, responsive and highly customisable, able to be styled to suit any website’s theme. Our advanced shopping cart ensures bookings are processed securely online.

A full integration of the gadgets will create a seamless experience for your website visitors. The gadgets are customised to maintain the look and feel of your website, with strong call to action points throughout the website to ensure minimal bookings leakage.

The integration of gadgets within your website should be executed by an experienced developer and requires certification by the Bookit experts prior to going live. Bookit’s own web creatives, have unrivaled knowledge on integrating the gadgets and are experts in web design and creation for the tourism market.

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