Channel Management

We at BookIt are pleased to announce our new and exciting partnership with ResOnline, a channel manager connecting to an expansive 150+ channels to increase your online exposure.

BookIt provides a comprehensive system that covers all of your booking management needs. Expand your online presence with a booking engine embedded directly on your website and channel management for hundreds of online travel agents like and Expedia. Manage your bookings, rates, and availability from one user friendly online console, with a sophisticated reservations calendar, custom rate types, and booking questions.

What is a channel manager?

A channel manager reduces your workload by managing your bookings for you. Rather than manually updating your rates and availability for each OTA you use, a channel manager like ResOnline will automatically update these sites for you, meaning your booking information is always up-to-date. Whether a guest books online or in person, your channel manager will ensure they always have accurate information in real-time.

This automation opens you up to a huge number of opportunities, with ResOnline connecting to over 150 channels, and more being added regularly, guests can find you wherever they prefer to book. This includes a connection with Bookeasy, opening you up to sales across an extensive 200+ visitor information centre network, as well as all of the below channels:

Coming Soon:

Note: Please be advised you may be required to pay commission fees to distribution channels for bookings received.

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