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Answering all your questions one bullet point at a time.

How does BookIt make money?

We charge a booking fee per booking, which for direct bookings (through your own website) are typically 6% for accommodation bookings and 8% for activity bookings. Reseller bookings (made on one of the connected third party reseller websites) typically cost 15% including the reseller commission and the BookIt commission.

This includes all merchant service and bank fees. So it is in our best interest that your business does well in the online space! We have no monthly fee or setup costs to use BookIt.

What do you do that nobody else does?

Lots of things! But one major advantage of BookIt over other online booking solutions is that we allow businesses to be resold through other sites, the major ones being New Zealand’s RTO network (we work with 80% of them), we also work with industry groups like the HAPNZ and multiple accommodation sites. We call these businesses resellers. Typically a reseller takes a commission per booking too.

What happens when a booking is made, does BookIt communicate with the client?

We certainly do! Upon a booking BookIt will email the customer confirming the booking and providing all key information in a PDF document and via email (what the customer should bring or do before travel), we also provide the customer with a GST receipt at this time, and mention any other key info.

BookIt will also email your business confirming the booking; if the booking is on request you will be emailed and asked to confirm the booking through BookIt. Your inventory will in turn be updated (so if two spots were booked for a tour time there will be two less spots available). BookIt will also email you the date that you will be paid for this booking.

If your product was sold by a reseller, they will also be emailed informing them of the booking. If you would rather, BookIt can suppress all emails to the customers so all communications come from your business, not BookIt.

My products are high value, do I have to take full payment when a customer books?

Whilst we recommend full payment be taken at the time of booking, BookIt can arrange it so a percentage of the value of the product is taken as a deposit and the rest is paid by the customer a set period in advance of them experiencing your product.

Can I process credit cards through BookIt?

In short, yes you can. BookIt was not designed to offer this service. But there is functionality to manually add bookings into BookIt. And you can decide whether you take payment through BookIt for such bookings.

Can you make my BookIt pages look like my own website?

Yeah we can, and we can’t emphasise how much value this adds. A customer comes to your site to engage with your brand and book your product, so keeping them on your site when they book is integral. We can customise our listing and payment pages to match your sites design; the fee for this service is $499.

What about other stuff that I want to push?

BookIt can handle multiple elements, such as discount codes for customers to use on products, add-ons (so if you want a customer to book and pay for lunch in advance), pick up and drop off times and locations, open text fields (if you need to know fitness levels or car registration details). We have worked with over 3500 tourism businesses nationwide over the last decade, and have a lot of functionality behind the scenes to add value to customers and operators alike.

Does BookIt sell to the public?

No – BookIt only sells through a business’s website, or through our reseller network. BookIt is not a consumer facing brand. We work as your online booking and technology partner.

When do I get paid for any bookings?

Upon setting up on BookIt, we work in with you to ensure all bank account details and billing information is checked and confirmed by you. Typically BookIt pays an operator either the Thursday before or after the traveller has experienced your product. All customer payments are held in a non-interest bearing trust account. The reason we hold onto these funds is to eliminate any complexities around customer cancellations and refunds. There is no invoicing required with BookIt, you can log on anytime and see what funds are owed to you and when you will receive them.

Cloud based bookings

Your rates, inventory, payment information and booking data is accessible anytime you jump online. No paperwork is required! BookIt has a complex level of reporting with over 15 reports available, including sales, arrival data and customer feedback reports, and all are downloadable.

Does BookIt do real-time bookings with instant confirmation?

BookIt provides information on the availability of your products, and when available BookIt processes bookings with instant confirmation. This includes instant processing of bookings. We strongly recommend businesses run real time bookings, as it improves the experience for the customer. We also have functionality in place so short-term bookings (within a time frame of your choice) require confirmation from you or one of your team.

How does BookIt handle cancellations and amendments?

BookIt's allows suppliers and agents alike to define the cancellation policies for their product. This includes options including loss of a percentage of the booking, loss of a fixed amount, loss of deposit, and the option to apply these different cancellation policies depending on how close to the service date the cancellation or amendment is made.

Does BookIt integrate with channel managers?

Yes – BookIt works in with a dozen of the countries’ largest channel managers, and rates and inventory are pulled through and distributed to sites like

Who pays for the bank transaction fees for online payments?

We do. As a reliable and secure clearing house for online transactions we are able to drive down the cost of bank transaction fees.

Do I pay for upgrades and new versions of the BookIt system over time?

No. Over time as we continue to improve and extend BookIt, your business continues to benefit. With the pace at which technology changes it is not an option for you, our customer, to be faced with replacing legacy systems every few years. If there are bespoke things that your business needs that BookIt has not developed then we will work with you to scope out a solution – this may incur a cost.

How does BookIt keep my businesses info secure?

BookIt has created a secure environment for sensitive information, using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all personal information preventing it from being read during transmission over the Internet. BookIt implements a security model that restricts access to confidential information, protecting it so that only designated parties have access. We allow our customers to control who within their organisation, can access their product information. We want you to feel confident that your personal information is protected; even our team do not have access to your BookIt passwords. Your trust and respect are our highest priority.

How are my customers details kept secure and confidential?

Customer security is integral. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology encrypts important customer details. And again, we do not hold full credit card details of your customers on file.


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